2010 International Vocal Competition
Photo Album
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The Licia Albanese-Puccini Foundation 36th Annual Gala 2010 at Rose Hall Jazz at Lincoln Center (Poster designs by Gregory Downer)

Licia Albanese

West Point Cadets- National Anthem

Sachi Liebergesell - President

Honorary Concert Chairman, Walfredo Toscanini

Host, Bob Sherman

Top Award, Renee Tatum

Pianist Arlene Shrut & Renee Tatum

Betty Cooper Wallerstein & Renee Tatum

First Place, Jessica Rose Cambio

Second Place, Carlos Osuna

Fourth Place, Manon Strauss Evrard

Maestro Joseph Colaneri, Distinguished Achievement Award

Fifth Place Winners, David Pershall & Devon Guthrie

Jane Poole and Devon Guthrie

Grant Winners, Maria Aleida & Eric Margiore

Grant Winners, Elizabeth Baldwin & Nicole Mitchell

Grant Winner, Luigi Boccia

Grant Winners, Emily Duncan-Brown & Hyo Na Kim

Emily Duncan-Brown, Helen Houghton & Hyo Na Kim

Susan Pasini, Mark Bunda & Emily Duncan-Brown

Grant Winners, Nicholas Pallesen & Ryan Kuster

Nathan Gunn, Distinguished Achievement Award

Brian O'Connor & Ryan Kuster

Grant Winner, Karolina Pilou


Judy Berry, Lifetime Achievement Award

Theresa Apolei, Lifetime Achievement Award

Guiseppe Filianoti, Distinguished Achievement Award

Maestro Joseph Colaneri & Manon Strauss Evrard

Terrence McNally, Distinguished Achievement Award

K T Sullivan, Lifetime Achievement Award

Marilyn Maye, Lifetime Achievement Award

Ryu Goto, Special Award

Steve De Maio and Licia Albanese

Licia Albanese at Finale

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Ashdown and Licia Albanese

From left: Chris Aguirre, Kelly Duke, West Point Prof. Rajaa Chouairi, Albert Stanziano, Elliot Hughes, James Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Tarantino, Brian O'Connor & Devon Guthrie

Rolf Liebergesell, Kent Tritle, Sachi Liebergesell, Prof. Rajaa Chouairi, Steven Fox

Guiseppe Filianoti & Eve Queler

Guiseppe Filianoti and Licia Albanese

Ira Siff and Licia

Sachi Liebergesell, Col. Jon Mendes & Irene Duell Mendes

Jacques Boubli, Steve De Maio, Sachi Liebergesell, Michael Fornabaio

Licia Albanese & Marilyn Maye

Louise Peluso & Licia Albanese

Maria Ashdown and Licia Albanese

Maria Gimma-Licia Albanese-Joseph Gimma Jr.

West Point Cadets
From left: Chris Aguirre, Kelly Duke, Elliot Hughes, James Myers