2006 International Vocal Competition
Photo Album
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Angela Meade, 1st prize winner

Michael Fabiano, 1st prize winner

Sebastian Catana, 1st prize winner

Erin Morley, 1st prize winner

Isanel Leonrad, 2nd prize winner

Richard Cox, 2nd prize winner

Sasha Cooke, 3rd prize winner

Michael Fornabaio and Jeremy Little, winner

Takesha Mash´┐Ż Kzart, winner

Rochelle Bard, winner

Mrs. Joyce Greenberg and Jeanine De Bique, winner

Martina Arroyo and Sasha Cooke

Patrice Munsel, Louise Peluso, John Martone and Michael Fabiano

Amy Synatzske, assisting artist

Greg Kass

Patrice Munsel, Sachi Liebergesell and Erin Morley

Lucine Amara and Evelyn La Quaif

Aprile Millo and Krysty Swann

Roberta Peters

Licia Albanese

Roberta Peters and Martina Arroyo

James Morris, Licia Albanese and Sherrill Milnes

Father John Kamas

MC Patrice Munsel

In Memory of Anna Moffo and Alfredo Silipigni

Licia Alabanese, Juan Pons and Marta Eggerth Kiepura

Licia Albanese and Mrs. Thea Iervolino, patron

Elinor Ross and Roberta Peters

Marta Eggerth Kiepura and Juan Pons

Gala Dinner at New York Athletic Club

Gala Dinner at New York Athletic Club