2015 International Vocal Competition
Winners Concert & Gala Dinner
Photo Album

Dedicated to the memory of our beloved Licia Albanese
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Carnegie Zankel Hall

Opening Remarks - Sachi Liebergesell, President

Singers Sing National Anthem

Gala 2015 MC, The Met Star, Eric Owens

Distinguished Achievement Award, 2005 Prize Winner, Stephen Costello

Pianist Jonathan Kelly and Special Guest Appearance, Quinn Kelsey

Special Guests, Marjorie Owens and Quinn Kelsey

Prize Winner, Vanessa Vasquez

Vanessa Vasquez

Prize Winners, Kirsten MacKinnon and Mia Pafumi

Kirsten MacKinnon and Mia Pafumi

Prize Winner, Alasdair Kent

Alasdair Kent

Prize Winner, Dogukan Kuran

Dogukan Kuran

Arlene Shrut

Eric Owens

Prize Winner, Alison King and Marta Eggerth Kiepura Award, Mario Rojas

Alison King and Mario Rojas

Marjan and Jane Kiepura and Mario Rojas

Prize Winner, Heather Phillips

Prize Winner, Megan Marino

Prize Winner, Chloe Olivia Moore

Heather Phillips and Megan Marino

Heather Phillips, Megan Marino, Chloe Olivia Moore

Distinguished Achievement Award, 2008 Prize Winner, Ginger Costa-Jackson

Marina and Ginger Costa-Jackson

Ginger Costa- Jackson

Distinguished Achievement Award, 1992 Prize Winner, Susan Neves

Susan Neves

Distinguished Achievement Award, 1995 Prize Winner, Stephen Powell

Eric Owens and Stephen Powell

Special Guest Appearance, Ricardo Tamura, 1992 First Prize Winner

Ricardo Tamura

Prize Winner, Jared Bybee

Prize Winner, Andre Couville

Jared Bybee and Andre Courville

Fifth Prize Winner, William Davenport

William Davenport

Fourth Prize Winer, Sol Jin

Stephen De Maio, Marie Ashdown, Sol Jin

Marie Ashdown and Stephen De Maio

Second Prize Winner, Andrew Stenson

Andrew Stenson

Marie Ashdown, Stephen De Maio, Andrew Stenson

Top Prize Winner, Marina Costa-Jackson

Marina Costa-Jackson

Betty Cooper Wallerstein, Morton Price, Marina Costa-Jackson

Closing Remark, Vice President, Brian O'Connor



Ian Campbell, Susan Neves, Eve Queler

Dagmar and Ricardo Tamura

Marjorie Owens and Quinn Kelsey

Monsignor Deas, Sachi Liebergesell and guest

Jane Shaulis, Marina and Ginger Costa Jackson

Jonathan Kelly, Nicolette Mavroleon, Dogukan Kuran, August Ventura, Mario Rojas

Marjan and Jane Kiepura, Chloe Olivia Moore, Alasdair Kent, Ken Benson

Michael Fornabaio, Mary Lichtman, Al and Chris Palladino

Brian O'Connor, Stephen De Maio, Anthony Madeio

Betty Cooper Wallerstein, Karl Michaelis, Gloria Gari, Elaine Malbin

Lisa and Aldo Mancusi

Richard Owen, Jr. and Elaine Malbin

Cathy Morrell, Peter Morrell, Sol Jin, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Powell

Jane Kiepura and Maria Gimma

Monsignor George Deas and Sachi Liebergesell

The Prize Winners

Monsignor George Deas

Karl Michaelis and Martina Arroyo

Chloe Olivia Moore and Alasdair Kent

Vanessa Vasquez and friend

Jared Bybee, August Ventura, Glenn Morton

Susan Neves Martina Arroyo, Ian Campbell

Sandra Hormozi and William Davenport

Chef Miguel and Brian O'Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Al Palladino

Joseph Gimma, Jr., guest and Maria Gimma

Martina Arroyo, Teresa Apolei, Scott Barnes

Sachi Liebergesell, Martina Arroyo, Stephen De Maio, James Duffy, Teresa Apolai

Marjan Kiepura

Sachi Liebergesell and Joseph Gasperec

Marjan and Jane Kiepra with Mario Rojas

Martina Arroyo with Costa-Jackson sisters

Eve Queler, Robert Lombardo, Ricardo Tamura

See you in 2016
All photos: © Don Pollard