2014 International Vocal Competition
Winners Concert & Gala Dinner
Photo Album

Dedicated to the memory of our beloved Licia Albanese
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The Gala 2014 Poster - Designed by Gregory Downer

A video plays of Licia Albanese singing the National Anthem

President, Sachi Liebergesell

Eve Queler and Members of Opera Orchestra of New York



MC, Brian Kellow, Features Editor of The Metropolitan Opera Publication, Opera News

Roberto Frangione, Deputy Consul of Italy

Honoree, Artistic Director, Stephen De Maio with Brian Kellow

Stephen De Maio

Pianists, Jonathan Kelly and Arlene Shrut

Marta Egerth Kiepura's son, Marjan Kiepura

2007 Winner, Lisette Oropesa - Distinguished Achievement Award

Lisette Oropesa

2001 Winner, John Matz - Distinguished Achievement Award

John Matz

1995 Winner, Lori Phillips - Distinguished Achievement Award

Brian Kellow and Lori Phillips

1999 Winner, Roberto Iarussi - Distinguished Achievement Award

Roberto Iarussi

2008 Winner, Jan Cornelius - Distinguished Achievement Award

Jan Cornelius

Top Prize Winner, Benjamin Bliss

Benjamin Bliss

Betty Cooper Wallerstein and Benjamin Bliss

Executive Director, Musicians Emergency Funds, Marie Ashdown and Ryan Speedo Green

First Prize Winner, Ryan Speedo Green

Ryan Speedo Green

First Prize Winner, Rebecca Pedersen

Rebecca Pedersen

Second Prize Winner, Alexey Lavrov

Alexey Lavrov

Third Prize Winner, Courtney Johnson

Courtney Johnson

Third Prize Winner, Virginie Verrez

Virginie Verrez

Fourth Prize Winner, Shirin Eskandani

Shirin Eskandani

Fifth Prize Winner, Paul Han

Paul Han

Grant Winners, Jarrett Ott and Ewa Plonka

Jarrett Ott and Ewa Plonka

Grant Winners, Ricardo Rivera and Alexandra Schenck

Alexandra Schenck and Ricardo Rivera

Grant Winner, Kidon Choi

Kidon Choi

Grant Winners, Jared Bybee and Marina Costa-Jackson

Jared Bybee and Marina Costa-Jackson

Grant Winners, Brian Vu and Mingjie Lei

Mingjie Lei, Eve Queler and Brian Vu

Eve Queler and Singers

Vice President, Brian O'Connor


Jazz at Lincoln Center Box Office Lobby


Gala Dinner at New York Athletic Club

Gala Dinner Table

Sachi Liebergesell

Karl Michaelis and Stephen De Maio

Claire Goodman P. Cloud and guest

Jane and Marjan Kiepura

Karl Michaelis, Martina Arroyo and Stephen De Maio

Eve Queler and Kent Tritle

Murray Rosenthal, Rosalind Elias and Zuhayr Moghrabi

Joseph Gimma, Jr., Maria Gimma, Cesare Santeramo and Dr. Robert Campbell

Jonathan Kelly and Glenn Morton

Jerry Stolt and Midge Woolsey

Michael Formabaio and Joseph Gimma, Jr.

Zuhayr Moghrabi, Rosalind Elias, Brian O'Connor, Jim Register and Maura O'Connor

Aldo Mancusi and August Ventura

Janet Stovin and Courtney Johnson

Rev. John McGuire

Jane Shaulis and Joseph Gasperec

Thurmond Smithgall and Martina Arroyo

Robert Lombardo and soprano, Nigi Sato

Aimee and William Maroney

Louise Bonsignore

James Duffy and Brett Sheely


Frank and Helen Houghton

Barbara A. Testa & Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morrell

Alexandra Schenck

Chef, Miguel, Sachi Liebergesell, and Michael Fornabaio

Elaine Malbin, Eve Queler and Murray Rosenthal

Ricardo Rivera with grandmother, Ramona Kelly

Takaoki and Miki Onishi & Stephen De Maio

Teresa Apolei

Eve Queler and Sachi Liebergesell

Joseph Gimma Jr, and Chris and Al Palladino

Felicia Warshawsky and Betty Cooper Wallerstein

See you in 2015
All photos: © Don Pollard