2013 International Vocal Competition
Photo Album
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Gala 2013

Licia Albanese on the stage at AliceTully Hall

President, Sachi Liebergesell

Maestro Eve Queler

Eve Queler and Members of Opera Orchestra of New York

Singing the National Anthem

Artistic Director, Stephen De Maio

MC, Midge Woolsey

Lucia Passqualini, Deputy Consul of Italy in New York

Pianist, Arlene Shrut

Pianist, Jonathan Kelly

Top Prize Winner, Anthony Clark Evans

Morton Price, Betty Cooper Wallerstein and Anthony Clark Evans

First Prize Winner, Takaoki Onishi

President of MEF, Marie Ashdown and Takaoki Onishi

Second Prize Winner, Jennifer Rowley

Jennifer Rowley

Second Prize Winner, Anthony Kalil

Anthony Kalil

Fourth Prize Winner, Musa Ngqungwana

Musa Ngqunwana

Fifth Prize Winner, Yunpeng Wang

Yunpeng Wang

Past Winner, Kirstin Chavez, Distinguished Achievement Award

Kirstin Chavez

Past Winner, Eglise Gutierrez, Distinguished Achievement Award

Eglise Gutierrez

Past Winner, Jennifer Check, Distinguished Achievement Award

Jennifer Check

Past Winner, Guest Artist, Ricardo Tamura

Midge Woolsey and Ricardo Tamura

Past Winner. Jill Grove, Distinguished Achievement Award

Jill Grove

Past Winner, Carl Tanner, Distinguished Achievement Award

Carl Tanner


Audience during the intermission

Grant Winners, Viktor Antipenko and Mary-Jane Lee

Viktor Antipenko and Mary-Jane Lee

Grant Winner, Jamez McCorkle

Jamez McCorkle

Grant Winners, Dominick Chenes and Marina Costa-Jackson

Dominick Chenes and Marina Costa-Jackson

Grant Winners, Ricardo Rivera and Aaron Blake

Grant Winners, Shirin Eskandani and Shelley Jackson

Shirin Eskandani

Shelley Jackson

Grant Winners, Tobias Greenhalgh and Courtney Johnson

Tobias Greenhalgh and Courtney Johnson

Grant Winner, Courtney Mills

Courtney Mills

Vice President, Brian O,Connor

Alice Tully Hall


Gala Dinner at NYAC

Gala Dinner Table

Sachi Liebergesell and Stephen De Maio

Joseph DeMatteo, James B Duffy, Brian O'Connor and Viktor Antipenko

Anthony Clark Evans and Barbara Ann Testa

Jerry Stolt and Midge Woolsey

Joseph and Maria Gimma

Al Hubay and Jill Grove

Aaron Blake, guest and Stephen De Maio

Kent Tritle, Albert Stanziano and Marc Day

Ken Benson, Naoko Onishi and Takaoki Onishi

Courtney Johnson,Ruth Falcon and Jamez McCorkle

Jonathan Kelly and Viktor Antipenko

Tony Russo and Ruth Falcon

Lisa and Aldo Mancusi and Kthallen Barrella

Ricardo and Dagmar Tamura

Licia Albanese and Kar Michaelis

Chef, Miguel, Michael Fornabaio and Sachi

Kent Tritle, Takoki Onishi amd Elaine Malbin

Naoko Onishi and dinner guests
All photos: © Don Pollard