2012 International Vocal Competition
Photo Album
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Singing the National Anthem with the Orchestra of Musica Sacra

Jane Poole, Licia Albanese and Rev. John Kamas

Licia Albanese, Rev. John Kamas and Kent Tritle

President, Sachi Liebergesell

Maestro Kent Tritle

Maestro, David Rosenmeyer

MCs, Midge Woolsey and Bob Sherman

Rev. John Kamas

Lucia Passqualini, Deputy Consul of Italy in New York

Father-Daughter Duo, Kim Josephson and Top Prize Winner, Kiri Deonarine

Kim Josephson, Kiri Deonarine and Kent Tritle

Morton Price, Betty Cooper Wallerstein and Kiri Deonarine

First Prize Winner, Zachary Nelson

Zachary Nelson and Kent Tritle

Marie Ashdown and Zachary Nelson

Fifth Prize Winner, Alexander Lewis

Isabel Leonard and Alexander Lewis

Distinguished Achievement Award, Isabel Leonard

Bob Sherman and Isabel Leonard

Guest Artist, Ricardo Tamura

Arlene Shrut, Pianist

Grant Winner, Norman Garrett

Brian O'Connor and Norman Garrett

Grant Winner, Nicholas Pallesen

Michael Fornabaio and Nicholas Pallesen

Grant Winner Tobias Greenhalgh

Anne Benoit and Tobias Greenhalgh

Grant Winner, Zach Borichevsky and Encouragement Award, Ashley Harrington

Helen Houghton and Zach Borichevsky

Grant Winner, Jonathan Winell

Michael Fabiano and Jonathan Winell

Distinguished Achievement Award, Latonia Moore

Midge Woolsey, Bob Sherman and Latonia Moore

Grant Winner, Anthony Evans

Anthony Evans and Kent Tritle

Barbara Testa and Anthony Evans

Encouragement Award, Kearstin Piper Brown

Guest Singer, Marleigh Paige

Sachi Liebergesell and Marleigh Paige

Grant Winners, Eric Margiore and Steven LaBrie

Christine Palladino and Eric Margiore

Rev. John Kamas and Steven LaBrie

Grant Winners, Takaoki Onishe and Noah Baetge

Maria Theresa Fauci, Takaoki Onishi, Bunny Lukas and Noah Baetge

Distinguished Achievement Award, Michael Fabiano

The Orchestra of Musica Sacra


Vice president, Brian O'Connor

Artistic Director, Stephen De Maio

Manly Romero, Bob Sherman and David Rosenmeyer

Karl Michaelis, Louise Peluso, Rev. John Kamas and Theresa Apolei

Arthur Fiaco, Jorge Avila and David Rosenmeyer

Jerry Stolt, Midge Woolsey, Michael Fabiano and Eve Queler

Marleigh Paige and pianist, Arlene Shrut

Eric Margiore. Rev. John Kamas and Maestro Vincent La Selva

Joseph Gimma Jr., Licia Albanese and Maria Gimma

Federico Teti and Licia Albanese

Licia Albanese and Marie Ashdown

Gala Dinner

Stephen De Maio and Sachi Liebergesell

Licia Albanese and Elinot Ross

Fred Shen, Brian O'Connor and Licia Albanese

Licia Albanese and Isabel Leonard

Isabel Leonard, Ricardo Tamura and Sachi Liebergesell

Marleigh Paige and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shen

Karl Michaelis and Licia Albanese

Licia Albanese, Isabel Leonard and Aruturo Callegari
All photos: © Steve J. Sherman